Pearl Hoop Earrings

Welcome to the magnificent collection of pearl hoop earrings! Long ago, pearls were rare because they were created only by chance when an oyster covers a foreign object with layers of nacre of immense beauty. Nowadays pearls are cultured by man and there are various types of them available at jewelry market. Pearls vary in their color from white to pink, brown and black. This gorgeous gem is a birthstone of June and the Zodiac sign of Cancer and Gemini. So a pair of pearl hoops can be a magnificent gift for the persons born under those signs. Freshwater pearls are considered to offer money, protection, luck and love to their owners. They are believed to keep children in safety. Ancient legends tell that pearls are the tears of gods. The glorious beauty of pearls makes them so popular with jewelry designers and women all over the world. We offer you stylish pearl hoop earrings which look elegant and can be worn with any outfit.

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14KY Pair P youth Hoop Earring W/PEARL14KY Pair P youth Hoop Earring W/PEARLRetail Price: $76.56
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