2 Carat Diamond Stud Earrings

First found in India many centuries ago diamond has become the most popular gemstone in the world. Diamonds were used for various purposes for years and nowadays their main (the most familiar) use is as stones for adornment. Diamond is typically described by 4 characteristics such as color, clarity, cut and carat. Such characteristic is also known as four Cs. High hardness of diamond and its magic sparkle make them so popular and women and men all over the world choose diamond jewelry among all variety of offers. We offer you best quality diamond jewelry at the most reasonable prices. Just look at this collection- magnificent 2 carat diamond stud earrings won't let anyone indifferent. Elegant and classical stud earrings with sparkling and eye-catching diamond of 2 carat would be a perfect gift and their beauty will win any heart.

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2.00ct. White Night Diamond Stud Earrings AA Quality2.00ct. White Night Diamond Stud Earrings AA QualityRetail Price: $1717.30
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