Welcome to the magic world of birthstone jewelry! Every person was born in definite time and everyone has his own lucky stone. It's believed that our birthstone brings us feeling of happiness, lightness and luck. It can even improve our health. We offer you a wide choice of charms and earrings decorated with sparkling stones. Any child will be glad to have a nice bear birthstone charm. Gold stud earrings with round or square stones look magnificent and will be a great gift. You'll find jewelry with such precious and semi-precious birthstones as emerald, amethyst, sapphire, peridot, tourmaline, garnet, citrin, ruby and many others. Wonderful stories and fairytales telling about magic properties of stones can become real and your life and the life of your children will be full of miracles and happy events.

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14K 5x5mm Genuine Garnet Heart Studs14K 5x5mm Genuine Garnet Heart StudsRetail Price: $80.50
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